Early Learning Program

Early Learning Program

Early Learning Program is specially designed to equip your child with more than 50 skills essential for life. It helps your child develop imagination, visual perception, critical thinking, problem-solving skills and more. This program will broaden the child’s perspective and create joyful learning moments for you and your child to share together.

* Feature & Benefits *

The series begins with basic reading and numeric skills and progresses to advanced skills like problem-solving and
flexible thinking

17 hardcover books, each designed to develop a specific skill or understanding of a subject for your child

Compatible with Walter™, your child can improve their pronunciation and listening skills with over 5,600 voice files and sound effects embedded throughout the stories

With over 40 exciting games, ELP Games will reinforce the skills learnt by your child

Colorful, lively illustrations on every page will attract and hold your child’s interest, and help to develop concentration and
reading skills

Interactive 3-D features such as split pages, cutouts, life-n-learn flaps, color wheel, and clock with moving hands, are all designed to make learning fun and understanding easier